Azmin’s aide denies Haziq was used in ‘dirty game’


PETALING JAYA: Mohamed Azmin Ali’s political secretary, Hilman Idham today strongly denied claims by Haziq Aziz in a police report that he threatened him in attempts to make him retract his statement accusing the minister of having homosexual intercourse with him.

However, Hilman said that, Haziq told him that he was a victim of a “dirty political game” to bring down Azmin.

According to Hilman, Haziq denied that he is in the video and it is fake.

On Wednesday, Haziq shocked the nation with a 30-second video clip uploaded on Facebook, in which he said he was the person seen in several viral video clips showing two men performing homosexual acts.

The PKR Santubong Youth chief named Azmin as the other person in the video, a claim the PKR deputy president says is aimed at killing his political career. Azmin has also threatened to sue.

Hilman, confirmed meeting Haziq at Zest Coffee House in his police report.



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