Government committed to ensure Tahfiz students enjoy facilities like in government schools


BAGAN DATUK — Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi today said that the government was committed to ensure tahfiz students enjoy similar facilities as those in government schools.

He advised the students to work and study hard to acquire knowledge, not only in Quran, to become professional ‘Huffaz’ (person who memorises the Quran).

He said the ability to memorise all the chapters in the Quran was something impressive and to be proud of, but as tahfiz students, they should also acquire knowledge in other fields.

The Huffaz, where will there go from here? Just be a housewife, or a religious teacher (ustaz) at a religious school or an imam of a mosque.

“This is because, although you can memorise the Quran, but if you do not pass SPM (SijilPelajaran Malaysia examination), there is nowhere to go to study, even if you have a foreign degree, but no SPM qualification, you cannot get a job with the government.”

“That is why proactive measures have to be taken to get you to pass the SPM first,” he said at a gathering with tahfiz students in BaganDatuk at DewanHajjahTuminah, Sungai Nipah Darat here today.



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