MIC to aid Indira Gandhi, as Kula-Siva failed to accept its challenge-Gunalan!


MIC would aid Indira Gandhi who has been left in lurch by Kulasegaran and Sivanesan. MIC’s Information Chief-V.Gunalan said today that it would support her in her legal battle.

Kulasegaran and Sivanesan failed to accept MIC’s challenge to debate Indira’s current status in Rantau despite 48 hours deadline.

Although the Indian community accepts the appointment of Kulasegaran as a Federal Minister and Sivanesan as Perak’s Exco Member, however both of them attained their position by using Indira as their dice, something which is unforgivable, said Gunalan.

The religious conversion of Indira’s ex-husband is a personal choice. However, converting his children without their mother’ consent is not right. MIC has been condemning it right from the beginning.

On the other hand, DAP’s Kulasegaran and Sivanesan diverted the unilateral religious conversion of their children right from the beginning for their political milage. Besides using the nature of Indira’s case for their political milage, they also attained government posts through it.

In the meantime, they have abandoned Indira. Although Indira has won her case, she is still struggling to get back her daughter.

So, what is the stand of the Pakatan Harapan government on this issue?

Is it not Kulasegaran who is a minister, responsible to provide an answer?

Why is he keeping mum?

Why Sivanesan who issues empty report for every other matter is, still has not issued a statement?

What do we call them, if they are unable to explain the real situation in Rantau despite them being given a stage and 48 hours deadline, asked Gunalan.

Therefore, MIC President, Tan Sri Vigneswaran has decided to help and support Indira fully by considering her case as the Indian community’s case.

From here on, MIC would use all the legal channels to locate Indira’s ex-husband and recover her daughter, said Gunalan. Meanwhile, Kulasegaran and Sivanesan who used Indira for their political gain are political cowards, said the MIC Information Chief in his statement.




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