Najib cautioned Pakatan of jeopardising Petronas’ growth


Former prime minister Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak has cautioned the Pakatan Harapan government not to jeopardise the growth and future of national oil and gas company Petronas, when “raiding” its reserves.

Referring to yesterday’s 2019 Budget, the former premier zeroed in on Putrajaya’s plan to boost its non-tax revenue from government-linked investment companies, such as Petronas, to cover the shortfall resulting from the abolition of the GST.

“As expected, they have raided (menjarah) Petronas’ reserves which, prior to this, had gone up to RM147 billion during my administration.

“I hope the raiding of Petronas will not jeopardise the development planning and future of Petronas,” Najib said on Facebook earlier this morning.



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