Now Zakir says he was misquoted on Hindu M’sian ‘loyalty’


Controversial preacher Zakir Naik now claims his remarks about Malaysian Hindus supporting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had been misquoted.

He came under fire from the Indian community for allegedly claiming that Hindu Malaysians are more loyal to Indian Prime Minister Modi than to Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

However, Zakir said that he was only saying that some Hindus in Malaysia trust the Modi government more in regard to the charges against him.

“On the charges against me by the Modi government, my stance was very categorical. I found it unfair that a certain group of Hindus in Malaysia seemed to trust the Modi government more than Interpol, or the Indian courts, or the Malaysian government itself.

“My praise of the Malaysian government for its Islamic and fair treatment of Hindu minorities is being twisted and misquoted to suit political gains and create communal rifts,” Zakir said in a statement late last night.

Zakir had made the remarks in response to a question during his talk in Kelantan on Aug 8, regarding the conflict in Kashmir, and the plight of Muslims in India.

However, a review by Malaysiakini  of his remarks from the talk on YouTube and Facebook is as follows:

“The Hindu Malaysians, most of them are supporting the prime minister of India.

“They believe more in India. They are more Indians than the Malaysians themselves and yet they are enjoying (sic), Alhamdulillah.”

Zakir, a Malaysian permanent resident, is in self-imposed exile in the country as he is wanted in his native India on money-laundering charges.


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