PKR senator apologizes over proposed law to protect men from being seduced


PETALING JAYA: The PKR senator who came under fire for his suggestion that men must be “protected” from “being seduced” by women into committing sexual crimes has apologised.

Mohd Imran Abd Hamid has also retracted his proposal at the Dewan Negara that laws must be enacted to “protect” men from committing such crimes.

“I apologise to all who were affected by my suggestion that a sexual harassment act is needed to protect men when I was debating the Syarie Legal Profession (Federal Territories) Bill on July 31 at the Dewan Negara.

“Although my intention was sincere, I did not expect it to be perceived as a huge blunder that offended many women and men as well, who found the remark to be insulting.

“As such, I wish to issue an apology and to retract the suggestion that I raised,” he said in a media statement on Thursday (August 1).

On July 31, Mohd Imran said his proposal should be given due consideration so that “the men in the country are safe and the country is peaceful.”

He also said that an act must be created to “protect men against the demeanour, words and clothing of women, which can cause them to be seduced to a point where they commit acts such as incest, rape, molestation, pornography and others.”

His remark drew flak from many quarters, including PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Mohd Imran is a retired navy first admiral and a former Lumut MP.

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