Political agenda overtakes women empowerment for MACC top post



Arvind Krishnan, Political Bureau Chief, National MIC Youth

Latheefa Beebi Koya’s appointment as the new Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief commissioner has raised some questions that have to be answered.

The government of the day has the choice to name the ideal candidate but the appointment process should have been opened to review by a Parliamentary select committee.

Most of the officers from MACC undergo special training. These includes learning investigation techniques, basic and advance legal tenets, art of prosecution, intelligence tradecraft and other relevant graft busting operation works.

If you look at Latheefa’s experience excluding her legal experience and human rights, she hardly had obtained any experience on combating corruption matters.

Will she be able to lead on investigation, intelligence and conducting raid matters to her officers?

Obviously, she will not be able to give that tips but merely contribute only on legal ideas.

If someone does not has the experience on investigation techniques, how the person could lead a team or a commission.

MACC is an important agency that fights corruption in the country. We need highly qualified leaders to take the position.

The Prime Minister Office should have made her as Suhakam Chairman in a way recognising her efforts to champion human rights cases.

Maybe another good idea will be placing her in AGC, perhaps she can be a better Attorney-General.

Although we may allow Latheefa Koya to take civil service top position, yet again it contradicts the pledge made by Pakatan Harapan leaders in the last general election to do away by appointing politicians to lead civil service.

In fact, it was stated that more transparency will be given in appointing MACC chief through Parliamentary Select Committee.

Why the reform has not been initiated? Rather they have silenced it.

No doubt Pakatan Harapan is trying to show that they are appointing more women to hold top positions which are not wrong at all but ensure to get the right candidate to fill any top and crucial positions.

Even they are empowering women to lead higher position, there are more better, neutral, non-political and high calibre women leaders in the civil service that can be given the due recognition to lead MACC.

On another note, another good choice will be it’s Operation Director Datuk Seri Azam Baki or maybe some other candidates from the commission itself who is awaiting for due promotion.

Why PMO has silenced the promotion of it’s high rank officers to take the lead?

With this appointment, it show’s Pakatan Harapan is desperate to give its political appointees to fulfill higher position and neglect the true integrity reform pledged in their manifesto.

Pakatan Harapan is more interested to make their politicians to fill government top positions.

The people out there must start to realise the incompetent administration of Pakatan Harapan.

It is clearly proven that Pakatan Harapan is exercising it’s right to show political dominance over civil servants.

Pakatan Harapan leaders want civil servants to be a mere puppet and subservient to the demands of political masters.


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