‘Reformasi veterans’ urges Azmin to go on leave


PETALING JAYA: The Economic Affairs Minister, Mohamed Azmin Ali has been urged to go on leave by a group of reformasi veterans

Otai Reformasi, comprising PKR supporters who took to the streets after the sacking of Anwar Ibrahim by Tun Dr Mahathir in 1998, says the Prime Minister might interfere in the investigations.

Its president, Idris said Mahathir’s response to the latest sex videos saga was also in contrast to his reaction in the late 90’s to allegations of sexual misconduct against his then-deputy Anwar.

Earlier this week, Muhammad Haziq Abdul Aziz confessed that is the one of the individuals in the gay sex video. He said the other individual in the video is Azmin Ali. Azmin has strongly denied the allegation and has threatened to take legal action.


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