Statement by National Mic Information


17 November 2018

With regards to the latest issue which is being brought up by the Minister of Transport and customer service management of MAHB upon our respectable President of the Senate who is also the President of MIC, Y.B Senator Tan Sri S.A Vigneswaran shows an attempt for a character assassination against him.

As National Mic Information Chief, I find this accusation of our president breaching the protocol of VVIP lounge is simply a way for seeking cheap political publicity.

I would like to suggest the Minister and the Ministry focus more on people’s issue pertaining public transportation which they failed to implement for rakyat. For instance, ECRL, MRT, LRT and not forgetting GRAB issues among Taxi drivers in Malaysia. Isn’t that more imprortant than this slipper issue?

I hope Minister and Ministry will be more careful in tackling issues rather being childish and not over reacting when approaching issues.

Thank you

National Mic Information Chief


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