Umno still wants to experiment  ‘getting intimate’ with PAS, says KJ


KUALA LUMPUR: The Umno leadership still wants to experiment getting “intimate” with PAS, says Khairy Jamaluddin who is not on board with this move.

The former Umno Youth chief said he did not agree with the approach, but party leaders felt there could be something fruitful in the relationship.

“After all, the leaders of my party say we will take over the Government in less than five years. So let’s see,” he told a press conference here on Friday (Aug 17).

Barisan deputy chairman Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan explained that it was Umno’s turn to stay out of the by-election after PAS decided not to contest the Sungai Kandis by-election.

The Seri Setia seat was left vacant following the death of Prof Dr Shaharuddin Badaruddin, who passed away on Aug 2 after a battle with colon cancer.

According to Khairy, there was indeed some discontent and restlessness among the Malay community which needed to be recognised and addressed.

“(But) I will be the first to discourage my party from fuelling these flames of discontent.

“We should not take advantage of it in a negative way, but (should) voice this out in a positive way to the Government for their voices to be heard,” he said.


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