Would Mahathir award government contracts to Indians?


Non-racial governance means government contracts should be given out equally to all – Thisaigal Tv stresses to Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.

# If the Pakatan Harapan government desires truly to uphold the policy of non racial discrimination in the country as per the Constitution, then;

# What is the obstacle in awarding contracts for the country’s development projects through open tenders equally to small or medium sized contractors based on merit?

Thisaigal TV is putting forward the request by the Indian community to Mahathir.

# While the Constitution is meant for everyone, however, it has been wrongly used to cripple the progress of certain race for political gain.

# On that basis, before Mahathir, there were more than 6000 small and medium sized Indian contractors in the government and its agencies.

# But after Mahathir, all the contractors were forced to leave the industry as a consequence of his “Bumiputras only” policy.

# Under the policy, only Malays are awarded government contracts. He introduced laws stating that only Malays can be awarded certificate of qualification which is still being practiced.

# The special privileges for Malays cannot be questioned, but what about the position of those who were born and bred in this country?

# Mahathir is the one who stopped awarding government contracts equally to all races through open tenders.

# The lives of Indian contractors were shattered during his 22 years as Prime Minister. His screening policy not only had an adverse affect on the economic growth of the Indian community, but it also forced them out of job and left stranded.

# Mahathir reversed the policy of awarding government contracts equally through open tenders to all races practiced during Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Abdul Razak and Tun Hussein Onn’s period. So, on what basis is Mahathir saying there is no racial discrimination, asks Thisaigal.

# After the independence in 1957, everyone becomes a citizen and the unity and harmony among the races is vital for the growth of the country.

# The government should realize that the country’s resources and growth opportunities should be distributed fairly based on one’s ability.

# So, Mahathir’s previous racist administrative structure should open the rights for government contracts lost by the Indian community to all.

# Thisaigal puts forward that Mahathir should reaffirm that the Pakatan administration is non racial by accepting the request of the Indian community.



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